**This article was originally published on Oct 22, 2015 ** Updated version created Jan. 22, 2020**

BDSM is all about creativity. Finding creative ways to pleasure yourself or your partner and reinventing yourself from time to time to discover new things about your body and sexuality. What kinkster can say no to trying out new things: leather, clamps, latex, straps, and whips? But good BDSM gear is also costly. For a good reason, no one wants their whip to detach during rough play or their sex-swing to give in mid-swing. To ensure quality, genuine, quality fetish gear can set you back a bit. And if you don’t know what you’re into, why spend so much money on gear that might only be used once and then stuffed in the closet forever?

Do It Yourself Kinky Style

So if you don’t want to waste your precious hard, earned money on one-time use items, consider using pervertibles– everyday objects that can be used for kink and BDSM play. Using pervertibles are a great way to add more interest to your kinky practice or to spice up more vanilla sex. They might even earn you some points with your partner(s) as they see you as a creative type.

Here is a list of 5 common house items you can bring into the bedroom to up the kink

From Houseware to Kinky Flair

1. Clothespins

Have you ever wanted to experiment with pain during a sexual encounter? You’re not alone. According to the Medical News Today “pleasure and pain are both tied to the interacting dopamine and opioid systems in the brain…involved in reward- or motivation-driven behaviors, which include eating, drinking, and sex.” For some, the combination of sex and pain is pleasurable and desirable.

If you’d like to experiment with pain-inducing, consider using clothespins for readymade nipple-clamps. Nipples are more sensitive to touch and are a pleasure-inducing zone. Using clothespins is a good start for practicing nipple-torture since their squeeze still hurts, but does not cause as much pain or damage as the professional metal ones.

Pro tip: Twist or pull the clothespins for extra pain-inducing effect.


2. Electronic Cables

Remember that box of loose electronic cables you keep around just in case? Auxiliary cables (the ones with the red, yellow, and white connectors) are great for bondage. They’re sturdy enough to support strong held bondage and don’t chafe the skin like ropes might. Be mindful of how tight you tie them and where on the body, as they my leave marks and bruising.

Pro tip: The metal connectors can be used for teasing your partner. Chill them in the freezer and pull them gently across their back while they’re blindfolded.

Electronic cables

3. Vegetables

Veggies are not just good for your health, they are an excellent pervertible. Certain vegetables are a great replacement for some expensive sex toys, especially dildos. Any vegetable that is firm and cylindrical can be used as an on-the-spot sex toy. Before using them on the body, make sure to properly wash them well. In addition, use a condom! Although there is no risk of STI or pregnancy, most vegetables are treated with or are carriers of pesticides (yes, even organic ones), might have excess micro dirt, or maybe even tiny creatures.

If in a pickle (get it?) opt for cucumbers because of their shape, the thin, smooth skin, and they feel great when they’re chilled.

Pro tip: Mint leaves can do wonders when chewed on and then come in contact with skin.



4. Wooden Spoon

Who’s never tried some smacking around during sex? If you’re ready to up the sensation, consider flogging. Wooden spoons or spatulas are great floggers in a pinch. Their wooden surface can be used for other types of sensation-play as well. You can smack them (gently at first) against your partner’s skin, rubbing, stroking, and even during after-care. Make sure the wooden utensils are smooth and have no splinters that might penetrate the skin.

Pro tip: Letting them sit in water before play, may change the way they feel against the skin.

Wooden utensils

5. Sponge

Feel like you’ve been a naughty boy? Do you need a good clean-up? Start out with a soft, unused, dish sponge, for some gentle sensual-play or to be scrubbed clean. If you feel like a soft sponge won’t do, go for rougher ones. You can also experiment with them dry, wet, soapy, or even slime around your favorite dessert (chocolate, anyone?) Use only new and unused sponges. 

Pro tip: Use along with blindfold to drive a sensory-deprivation-savvy person totally nuts.



Imagination at Play

Finding common household items and making them work in your sexual exploration is easier than you think. By using your imagination can turn almost anything into a toy.

Your home is equipped with tons of other objects that would be perfect for exploring your kinky side. But before you use them during play remember.

  • Always ask and receive consent.
  • Make sure all items are clean.
  • Be gentle at first.
  • Start on areas of the body that are usually clothed.
  • Look out for allergens.

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