Part of BDSM, at least for some people, is all about creativity. Finding creative ways to pleasure yourself or your partner and reinventing yourself from time to time to discover new things about your body and sexuality.

Another thing about BDSM and fetishes is that the good stuff is costly. Genuine, quality fetish gear can set you back a bit while you just want to experiment and see what works for you. I mean, you wouldn’t buy an expensive car before you even got your license, would you?

So we had a Whiplr team pow-wow and channeled our inner Martha Stewart to bring you new ideas for household items you can use when playing.
hand holds the clothespinClothespins

That’s almost stating the obvious here, but you’ll be surprised how many people forget they can easily get nipple-clamps at any grocery-store for nearly nothing. Yes, they’re usually plastic (or wood), and not as shiny as the metal chain bound ones you see in scenes, but they’re not a bad replacement. They’re a good place to start nipple-torture practice since they hurt, but not as much as the specialized metal ones.

Pro tip: Twist or pull them for extra effect.



colorful tv cable closeupStereo cables

As things go more and more wireless, we seem to have more and more free cables running around or packed in boxes. Those auxiliary cables with red, yellow and white connectors or those old-time bronze loudspeaker cables. Those are a great way to improvise on bondage. They’re sturdy, they don’t chafe the skin like ropes, and let’s face it, we’re never gonna get a new DVD player anytime soon.

Pro tip: The metal connectors can be used for teasing your partner. Chill them in the freezer and pull them gently across their back while they’re blindfolded.



Certain vegetables can replace some sex toys. Yes, we’ve all heard these jokes about people in grocery shops buying only one zucchini, but it’s actually true. You can use any hard, cylindrical vegetable as a sex toy. Wash them well if you intend them for penetration, and wrap them up with a condom to make sure they don’t break or infect you. Cucumbers are the best for this job because of their shape. Do read some useful tips about using food from our friends at

Pro tip: Spring onions and leeks can give a great sensation when hit against the skin. Mint leaves can do wonders when chewed and in contact with sensitive parts.



Wooden spoon

A short survey inside our team showed that wood is most suitable for flogging. We looked around our office kitchen and the first thing we could see were the collection of wooden spoons and spatulas. When your mother told you to use wooden utensils so you don’t scratch the pots and pans, she didn’t think you’ll be using them for this. Hit hard, hit soft, do some rubbing and even after-care. Just watch out, some of them can break if you use them too hard.

Pro tip: Putting them in water sometimes changes the way they feel on the skin.



These are usually used to clean dirty dishes, and you are certainly one dirty dish. There are numerous types of dish sponges, from the metallic ones to the more fabric-y ones. Give a gentle rub or a rough scrub to the skin with a dry sponge to see how you react.

Pro tip: Use several types of sponges along with a blindfold to drive a sensory-deprivation-savvy person totally nuts.


So, you can see that using your imagination can turn almost anything into a toy. We can’t stress that enough, though; play responsibly, especially if you are beginners. Don’t heat something up before you tried it in room temperature, and we’re not talking only literally.


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