COVID-19 has affected the entire world with the situation changing every day. Many of us have learned about how the unemployment rate in many countries is growing daily. Workers in the service industry, including bars, restaurants, and hotels have been severely affected. Yet not much attention has been given to other types of service industries, specifically the sex industry. In these uncertain times, many pro Dommes, Doms, fetish models, and others are being forced to halt their entire operation in an attempt to protect their and their clients’ health, severely effecting their livelihood.

To learn more about how the new normal has affected the kink and fetish industry, we reached out to the fabulous Pimpstress Mistress Thick to learn how she’s adjusting to the new world order, how she’s keeping busy, and how has this affected her business and livelihood.

Her Rise to Pro-Domming

Mistress Thick has over 10 years of pro-Domme experience. She started out dabbling with Domming and fetish play out of curiosity and to satisfy her own interest. “I wanted to be a huge XXX porn star,” she explains, but working her way through the ranks of porn acting did not make her any money. She knew that others who were trying to make it in the industry turned to escorting. But she couldn’t see herself doing that. “I didn’t want to get paid and obey,” she says and laughs. “I wanted to be in control.”

A former friend left New York City for San Francisco and began pro-Domming there. “I was intrigued.” She said she decided to leave New York for a while to learn to become a pro-Domme. For 2 months she shadowed her friend’s work. “In hindsight, I know she didn’t know much, but she knew more than me. And I didn’t know shit.”

It didn’t take her long to find her way in New York. With the help of an eager sub, she got her first property where she opened her first dungeon. The more she practiced, the more she learned and gained more skills. She got a mentor and traveled the country to learn from others. Before she knew it, she became the manager of two dungeons. the AVN lair and Exxxotica, and became an educator at conventions KinkyCon and FetCon

A Leather-Bound Vampire

Mistress Thick in Her Dungeon

We conducted our interview via video chat at 5am (05:00) EST. This was Mistress Thick’s preferred time, as she’s a self-described vampire, who wakes when the sun goes down and hides in her coffin when the sun rises. She was in her dungeon, various whips and masks neatly organized on a display rack behind her.

Whiplr: The first thing I’m noticing hanging is a rubber mask with orange-tinged skin and yellow hair. Is that who I think it is?

Mistress Thick: It sure is [laughing]. It’s a mask of Donald Trump.

Whiplr: And who’s into wearing that?

Mistress Thick: I am! [laughing] As a black healthy woman, I need a healthy outlet to get rid of negative triggers inside of me. I use this mask and my Femdom as an outlet for my frustrations. Thankfully most of my slaves don’t support his presidency. And they know that if I ask them to wear the mask, they’re in for another level of punishment.  

W: Well, that’s amazing. I’m going to cut straight to the point here. What are you doing these days?

MT: Trying to keep busy. I was just shooting before talking to you and recorded my podcast, Pimpstress’s Pearls of Wisdom, last night.

W: Lots of content is using the COVID-19 slant to better sell their content. Are you referring to it in your content? Do think more people are looking for content that has to do with medical play or masks?

MT: Well, before this pandemic I was all about helping someone live their medical or pandemic fantasy. But that’s what it was a few months ago, a fantasy. Now it’s a real thing affecting everyone. The entire world is affected, and many are suffering. That’s why I am being conscious about the content I create and post and am not using the word “corona” in my content. It’s important for me no to be exploiting something that could turn out to be a tragic event.  I am not interested in enhancing the trauma. Also, I want to make sure I’m on the right side of history, and when this will be over, my conscience will be clean.

W: That’s a very interesting point. How does the restriction on movement and human interaction impacting you and your business?

MT: Oh man, it’s impacting me greatly. This is completely crippling my industry and my own pocket. During normal times, I receive most of my revenue from offline, real time interaction. And those have come to an absolute halt. It’s not that my slaves don’t want to come see me, it’s that I have to protect myself and refuse to see them. Whatever subs pay me to play would never cover my losses from being down and out of commission or cover medical costs. 

W: How do you keep busy? What are you working on these days?

MT: Right now, I am focusing on content online. I’m not a Clip Domme and my day-to-day is not usually dedicated to creating online content. But I do enjoy exhibiting myself and filming myself. So, I’m using this time and medium in a way that works for me. I post things to my own clip store. I am also using this time to network, strategize, and think forward. This situation really forced me to think about my health and the worst-case scenario. When this is all over, I don’t think it will be business as usual.a

The Future of Domming

Mistress Thick Pre COVID-19 Days

W: What do you foresee for the industry post COVID-19?

MT: I see how the industry is changing as we speak. There are now virtual strip clubs, where they bring women to dance via live stream. I also foresee more virtual dungeons and virtual sessions. And those are not my favorite way to operate. But I need to mentally prepare for that.

W: Are you planning to take part in this new world?

MT: Look, real time is my preference. It’s where I thrive and come alive. I’m not a performer or an actress. But I also know that I must prepare. And if I start interacting virtually, my business model will be different. I will have to rethink payments, time management, probably bring in new boys. I am preparing for this. I don’t want to be blindsided.

W: Is there any positive impact due to the shutdown?

MT: Networking with other Dommes. There’s been a lot more of that. I find myself reaching out to other Dommes.

W: What have you learned from networking?

MT: I learned a lot about time management and organization. Our life as we know it is on pause. I tend to spend a lot of my time traveling. But now, I can sit and organize my content. I have thousands of videos just sitting there. Now I have the time to sit and organize it.

What’s Next? Reach Out!

Mistress Thick’s words have made it clear that we’re in a new of Domming and fetish world. Although we hope that things will go back to normal, our new normal will be a little different. For kink and fetish to thrive, we need each other. If you haven’t already, reach out to people in the community– has dozens of group conversations made to help you through these unusual times.