Love Cosplay, Love Being Involved? Now You Don't have to Choose

Lai Pin-yu is a 27-year-old who ran as a candidate Democratic Progressive Party and won the tight race for New Taipei City’s 12th District over the weekend. Taiwan News reports that Lai defeated the former Taipei City Deputy Mayor Lee Yong-ping by 2,780 votes.

She is also an avid cosplayer. 

Pin-yu is a former law student and an activist. When she learned she had won the seat, she uploaded a Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon cosplay photo to Facebook writing (translation via Taiwan News), “Hello friends, I am Lai Pinyu, lawmaker of New Taipei City’s 12th District. Please give me your feedback over the next four years.”

Pin-yu's Facebook Profile Photo

So if cosplay is your passion and being involved in politics is your cause, take an example from this amazing cosplayer. 

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