It’s been who-can-even-keep-count-anymore days since the entire Western world has been shut down due to social distancing orders to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As most of us already know, many around the globe are not only dealing with issues of feeling stuck or fear of getting sick, but with large financial ramifications. In a previous interview with Mistress Thick, we learned how the world of professional Dommes have been affected- as live sessions are forbidden these days, Dommes are looking into producing more online content and how this unusual times can teach us to prepare for the future.

We wanted to learn how other professionals Dommes are dealing and adjusting with these new restrictions. We reached out to Goddess Lilith to learn how COVID-19 has affected her work and business. Goddess Lilith is currently in Las Vegas, Nevada where she spends her winters, to avoid the cold and gloomy weather of her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. In Las Vegas she has her own list of dedicated clients and produces events in various dungeons in town. Goddess Lilith also owns her own dungeon, Edan, out in Providence, RI.

Into the Dungeon

Whiplr: How’s Vegas these days?

Goddess Lilith: I love living in Las Vegas, and they responded to the situation rather quickly. They shut down the entertainment district immediately. Because of this response we don’t have curfews or stay-at-home orders.

W: Does that mean business is as usual in Vegas?

GL: All restaurants are operating on pick up or delivery only like everywhere else. But everything else [stores] is open. Most of the properties on the Strip closed very early, and tourists stopped coming pretty quick.

W: What did your usual day-to-day look like before the pandemic?

GL: I usually see clients in person. I also organize a lot of fetish events in my dungeon. I was supposed to have two large events this month. One of those events was at the Exalted that takes place in Edan, a FemDom Play Party dungeon in Providence. It’s been open for almost two years now. Actually, we were supposed to celebrate its anniversary this spring.

W: Is the dungeon operating now?

GL: No, and its large events that help the dungeon stay open and financially afloat. I also run a foot night party that we had to cancel. So those two events cover a big chunk of the rent for the dungeon. The cancelation of these two events are hurting me more than not being able to see clients privately. It’s gotten to a point where I had to open a Go-Fund me for the dungeon’s bills. As much as the rest of the world is stopping right now, the bills are not stopping.

W: Is this also affecting your own personal finances?

GL: I’m still able to do private sessions with clients remotely, so I’ve been able to pay my own bills. But at this moment, there’s nothing coming into the dungeon. So, I had to result to reach out for help from the community.    

W: Can the dungeon qualify for government and small business loan help?

GL: I wanted to apply as self-employed, but the governmental website said they were not accepting self-employment application at the time. I heard from others that they were open to self-employment before, but by the time I came to check it, it was not available any longer.

I might be looking into governmental grants for small business and performance art grants.

W: What are you asking people on the Go Fund Me for Eden?

GL: Right now, I am only asking help to pay expenses which is about $2000 of rent and utilities for a month. I do have some savings to help, but not much more than a month’s worth.

W: Tell us more about Edan.

GL: Eden is much more than just a dungeon or event space for fetish, it’s a community space as well. Other organizations and community use the space for their events and parties. It has become a place for a the community to get together. If it’s forced to close, it will not only affect me, but the entire Rhode Island community

Into the Dungeon

In Limbo

Goddess Lilith spends half of her time in Las Vegas and other time in Providence, RI. Originally, she was supposed to be back in Providence by now, but as stay-at-home orders continue, she doesn’t know when she’d be able to go back.

GL: It’s really unsettling. I have not only clients back in Providence, but my friends and family as well.

W: It sounds like there’s a lot you’re taking care of these days. Not only yourself, but also your business, and a space that’s thousands of miles away. How are you managing that?

GL: I starting to teach online classes to aspiring Dommes, on how to start webcamming, how to handle remote sessions, and how to conduct phone sessions. I have experience teaching, and I love to teach. I’ve been able to supplement my income a little bit with that. When it comes to my own bills and expenses, my video clips and my online sessions help cover that. But the dungeon’s expenses rely solely on in-house session and events to function.

W: Have you reached out to other Dommes in the community?

GL: I think that now is an important time for all of us to be connecting with one another. I am part of a couple of Twitter and Discord groups where all the women have been coming together for one another with advice and support. And I think that’s a really beautiful thing.

Good Nurse, Bad Nurse

W: What type of ideas are you sharing with one another?

GL: We bounce ideas of each other about producing different types of content, videos, and ideas for our fan clubs. We’ve also noticed that the “COVID-19” is trending as a search term even on porn site. Which is interesting to me, because I would think that most people would use porn as an escape from reality. But people are looking for things like “COVID-19” “Corona virus” or “quarantine” on porn sites.

W: Are you planning on producing themed content?

GL: Yes, I just finished filming one in which I decided to take an evil nurse angle, which fits with my branding. An evil nurse that infects a person. I find that many men have this fantasy. They want a beautiful girl to ruin their life. Some of them want to die at the hands of a beautiful woman.

W: How do you learn and find out that that’s a fantasy men desire?

GL: There’s a fetish category called Executrix. It’s a bit of a taboo category, so much so that some sites don’t even allow that category of their websites. I found out about it a few years ago, and had a hard time believing in it myself.

W: What is executrix fetish?

GL: It’s the fantasy of forcibly ending your life at the hands of beautiful woman. There is something about the complete and total submission that people crave.

W: Is this the type of content you’d be comfortable playing out in a live session?

GL: I think that this kind of content I would only be comfortable performing in video content. It might be a little too real in person. I wouldn’t want to take the risk of hurting someone’s psyche, even if it is consensual.

Go Vanilla (If You Must)

GL: Some days the stress of the uncertainty really gets to me. I’ve been taking the time to take care of myself and been giving myself mini breaks from checking my email or online session. Each new day brings in a new set of emotions.

At the same time, I’ve been dedicating more of my time creating and reaching out to more vanilla content to have a broader net. I’ve been finding more possibilities with vanilla webcam streaming.

W: What would be your definition of vanilla?

GL: Anything that’s not BDSM [laughing].

W: Did you always want to branch out to vanilla content?

GL: To be honest, I’m not sure if could fully enjoy vanilla all the time. I actually might find it a little boring to sit and talk about non-fetish topics. But I feel that I need to reach out, because it’s a trend that has been around for several years now. There are apps out there that are all about people sitting around chatting. And it’s another way to earn an income.

W: Many have noticed how hard it is these days to find a spark in our daily lives. Is reaching out to vanilla content a way for you to reignite the spark?

GL: I’m just trying to think outside the box and try new things. If I enjoy what I’m doing it does gives me a spark.


“it’s Okay Not to Be 100% Okay”

W: What advice or encouragement would you like to give people in the BDSM community right now?

GL: Stick together, help others when you can, make sure to take time for yourself, and remember it’s okay to feel good some days and bad other days. Keep getting out of bed and put one foot in front of the other.

W: Where would you recommend people find others?

GL: Seek people out on Twitter and Discord have a lot of BDSM communities.

To help others, Goddess Lilith is offering FREE webinars for any aspiring Dommes looking for online classes: how to start online clips and how to monetize fan clubs. Check them out.

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