Two months after our first release to wide acclaim and international adoption, we are ready to deliver our first major upgrade for Whiplr – a Messenger with Kinks.

The new features have been designed in conjunction with the feedback our staff has received from early adopters within the fetish community.


Whiplr is delighted to introduce a comprehensive kink survey for every user profile. You can now drill down to define more specifically your particular passions and finicky fetishes. Your completed survey will be available for review on your profile page and will allow you to find other potential play partners.

New Features

We have added Search by Nickname to Whiplr so you can more easily find people you may have met elsewhere. We’ve expanded the range of gender choices to make the app even more inclusive and welcoming however you self-define.

For those of you still experiencing performance anxiety about live voice and video chat, you can now record a voice or video message and send it to another user within the app.

Whiplr Elites

Elite UsersWe have added the Whiplr Elite designation to a tiny number of truly Elite Whiplr users. These are the women and men who we believe uphold the highest standards in the fetish community and who can truly be considered world leaders and kinky ambassadors. Their user profiles will bear the Elite banner and you can also search for them specifically, although you should be careful not to waste their time. The Whiplr Elites do not like having their time wasted.

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural list of Whiplr Elites includes

  • Miss Grey – lifestyle professional dominatrix in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Lady Bellatrix – one of the UK’s leading Professional Dominatrices
  • Goddess Maya Liyerprofessional international dominatrix based in Central London
  • Max Candy – Producer and director of award-winning films
  • Lady Charlotte Rose – infamous and award-winning sex worker, author and political campaigner
  • Erik von Gutenberg – Publisher and CEO of Von Gutenberg Magazine

… with more to be announced in the future.

Whiplr in the Wild

Beginning in May 2015 with DomCon LA, the West Coast’s largest annual fetish convention, Whiplr is beginning a series of event sponsorships to give something back to the kink community that has shown it overwhelming support until now. Download Whiplr – a Messenger with Kinks before you head out to a kinky show or fetish party and you may find a whole bunch of fellow kinksters already signed up to the event. Whiplr helps you make contact before the event and ensure that you stay in touch afterwards.

 About Whiplr

Whiplr, created by Matech, is a messenger app with kinks. The app was launched in February 2015, and helps users explore their kinks, spice their life, and find people with similar tastes.