Christmas Whiplr update

Hey everybody!

We are very excited to announce the shiny new Whiplr. After have listened to your requests we have made some significant improvements to usability as well as smoothed out some annoying glitches which are now a locked in a dungeon somewhere never to be seen again. Here are some highlighted features in this latest version:

  • New Dekadom has arrived – It’s here! The brand new, totally revamped Dekadom. Restrictions have been completely removed for all Dekadom members, who now have exclusive rights including opening private & public groups, requesting private photos, unlimited filters, and much more.
  • Private Photo Album– Finally, your very own private gallery of images. You may grant (and revoke) access to these intimate images on a user-by-user basis, whenever you choose.
  • Smoother performance – A substantial improved to performance with our most wide-ranging set of bug fixes to date. Slick and smooth.
  • Less data – Significant decrease in Whiplr’s data usage.
  • New profile design – Modernized and more intuitive layout for all member profiles.
  • New Gifts – Totally new gift concept and design.

We will continue to roll out updates and improvements throughout the season. Most importantly we would like to thank every one of our members who have helped us so far, whether it be reporting bugs or participating in the groups, or sending us love on social media. We love you and appreciate it very much!

Merry Christmas to you and yours

♥ ♥ ♥

Whiplr Team

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