Since Whiplr’s launch, users have been vigilant about reporting users who send unsolicited and inappropriate images without consent. For this, we thank you.

Not only does reporting such incidents protects you, but it also protects your fellow kinksters and the integrity of the kink community.

Although the issue of unsolicited and inappropriate content is widespread,  Whiplr sees it as its duty to ensure users’ safety and maintain the kink community’s commitment to consent.

As such, actions will be taken against users who do not adhere to the Whiplr Code of Conduct. There is no room for compromise here. Our goal is to root-out repeat offenders and deny them further opportunities to harass.

Whiplr's Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is very clear: do not send inappropriate or offensive content to anyone without their consent.

The safety and well-being of our users is our topmost priority. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. This is Whiplr’s non-negotiable commitment to the safety of its users and will not be tolerated.

How Do I Report a Photo or Video?‎

Whiplr allows you to report a specific photo or video that you have been sent in a chat or group by tapping and holding it and selecting “report”.

What Happens to Repeat Offenders?‎

A user who’s been reported  three (3) times or more for sending unsolicited and/or inappropriate images will have their account suspended after the careful review of Whiplr’s staff.

—Updated Dec. 24, 2019– Original version published June, 19th 2016–