Whiplr knows that these uncertain COVID-19 times make everything, well, uncertain. Although we’re physically apart, sticking together virtually during rough times makes us a stronger community.

That’s why we want to hear from you. We want to know how YOU are doing!

Humans of Whiplr- Unite!

To stay connected, Whiplr is reaching out to all kinksters, fetishests, those in between, and those on the edge to share their stories with the Whiplr community. Stories will be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whiplr Blog

Share your new favorite pass times, how have you been coping with the lock down or stay-at-home order in your city, have you developed a new kinky hobby, sparked up an old flame, what are your concerns, worries, or hopes for the future. We want to hear it all.

Stories can be kink or not-kink related.

Share Your Story. Here’s How:

Want to contribute? We’d love to feature your story. To publish your story, Whiplr will need the following information:

  • Legal Full Name
  • Preferred name to display
  • Your story (up to 250 words)
  • 2-4 image (no nudity please)
  • Initial this disclaimer: I allow Whiplr to publish and portray my preferred name, story, and photos on their blog page and their social media sites.

Privacy is our highest concern! Don’t want to reveal your real name or face? No problem. We will NOT post your legal name without your consent. 

Humans of Whiplr- Tell Us Your Story

Where Do I send My Story?

Please send all stories to the following email address:  social@whiplr.com 

Get Inspired

Not sure what you’d like to share? Need some inspiration?

Consider responding to these  questions:

  • What you’re doing these days
  • How you’re keeping the kink going, or not
  • What you’re struggling with most during these times
  • Who do you miss not seeing the most and why?
  • How has your job status been affected?
  • How has Whiplr helped you stay connected?
  • Have your reached out to people you haven’t talk to in a while? Who and what have you found out?
  • How do you keep in touch with others in the kink community?
  • And more…

In This, from Afar, Together

It’s in times like these that the power of the kink community shines. One by one, story by story, we will come out of this stronger, together.