Ask any practicing kinkster what they think about the 50 Shades of Grey book and movies and see them cringe in disgust. Practicing BDSMrs have many qualms with the movies and how they wrongly portray Dominant-sub dynamics. There is ‎no shortage of misconceptions when it comes to Hollywood and kink, and these movies take it to a ‎whole new level. But there is one thing that makes most kinksters salivate– that glorious, beautiful ‎dungeon that Mr. Grey has in his apartment: The Red Room of Pain. Full of all the toys and devices for any kind of play that could come to mind: whips, floggers, ball gags, handcuffs, etc.

Although the room may cause any kinkster to salivate, It’s also really, really ‎expensive. Most can’t afford to dedicate an entire room in our home ‎for kinky sex, and certainly not fill it with pristine toys of all shapes and sizes. Have no fear: whether ‎you’ve got a room or just a single drawer, here are some ways you can enjoy kink without taking out a ‎mortgage.‎

Discover Pervertables – The BDSM Version of DIY

A pervertable is any household item that can be used (sometimes with a little modification) to facilitate some kink in the bedroom.

  • Clothing pins can be effective clamps. Add a piece of twine, and some glue, and you can create a zipper – a chain of clothing pins that can be pulled one by one with a raise of the hand.
  • Don’t forget about scarves! There’s no need for ropes, straps and leather cuffs; a scarf can be used for almost all your bondage needs. True, scarves don’t look good enough for Japanese bondage, and you can’t suspend anyone with them, but they are durable, often non-stretchy and most importantly – don’t chafe the skin.
  • Other pervatables include belts, ping-pong paddles, and Spatulas – we’ll let you figure out what to do with these on your own.

Real BDSM Practitioners Are Not Afraid to Get Hooked

Trying to make your own leather outfits will probably end in something messy and unsexy, but if you channel your inner handyman, there are plenty of adjustments you can make to your home to make a place for kinky fun!

  • A heavy-grade hook should cost next to nothing in any hardware store, and you can install it easily to create an anchorage point for bondage. And if you’re having company, you can just screw it out and no one will ever suspect.
  • On a wall, the same type of hook can be the perfect point to attach, say, the leash of your favorite pet. If you have the know-how, you can also install one on the ceiling, and experiment with some suspension and over-head bondage positions.
  • Don’t feel like drilling into your walls? You can also make a door hanger without much effort.

Your Bathroom Closet Can be Surprisingly BDSM-Friendly

  • Most people will have at least one bottle of oil or lotion lying around their bathroom without much use. Well, now is that liquid’s time to shine!
  • We know there’s no need to tell you how to use oils and lotions to spice up your sex life, but don’t forget that the bottle can also become a makeshift sex toy if it’s clean and made out strong, and disinfectable material like glass.
  • The bathroom itself can also be the stage for some kinky play, especially if you’ve got a shower with a detachable showerhead.

Your Mind Is Your Best BDSM Tool

Role-play is a huge part of BDSM, and you can do it without spending a single dime.

  • You can explore various power dynamics with your partner using nothing more than the clothing in your closet, your words, and imagination.
  • Costuming can also be done on the cheap with whatever you have in your wardrobe and a few inexpensive accessories.
  • We’ll let you come up with the ideas yourself, and you might be surprised how much a bit of roleplay can add spice to the bedroom.

Remember: There Is No “Right” Way to Play in BDSM

Anyone who claims that you need to spend thousands of dollars on toys and equipment to engage in BDSM is misinformed or trying to sell you something. The heart of BDSM is in the consensual exploration of desires and fantasies. While it is fun to have a fully stocked dungeon at your disposal, there is no need to spend huge sums to enjoy all that human sexuality has to offer. First-timers can save themselves that awkward browsing of online sex-store, trying to think if grandma would believe that X-frame is just a weird Swedish bookshelf; you can have all the fun you want with simple household items, some handiwork, and a bit of imagination.

Now go forth and start exploring!