You probably read a lot of our messages welcoming new Whiplr Elite and were wondering what it was all about.

While working on developing Whiplr, we meet a lot of wonderful people who are big names in the BDSM scene around the world. Some of them are dominatrices, some of them are film producers or event organizers. Meeting them, we were looking for a way to allow our community to interact with them more easily and enjoy their expertise.

That’s how Whiplr Elite was created. Our Whiplr Elite are users who we believe are influencers and thought leaders in the BDSM and fetish community. They are the cream of the Fetterati and global Ambassadors for Kink.

We have a few types of Elite users:Become an Elite

  • Mistress or Master – People who are fetish lifestyle mistress or master.
  • Kink Educator – People who are experienced BDSM trainers, tutors or educators that can teach people more about this issue.
  • Dominatrix / Dom – Professional Dominatrices or Doms.
  • Actress / Actor – People from the fetish movie industry.
  • Webcam hosts – People who have built their audience through online performance.
  • Fetish influencer – People who bring fetish to you – party organizers, producers and club owners.

But Whiplr Elite is not just online – many of our events feature our Whiplr Elite. Just a few weeks ago we hosted a Meet-and-Greet at Torture Garden’s Valentines in London open only for Whiplr users!

We select our Whiplr Elite very carefully, to make sure that whoever displays the Elite banner on their profile is a true connoisseur of fetish and BDSM. And there are additional opportunities and rewards awaiting the truly Elite.

If you think you have what it takes to be counted among the Whiplr Elite, you can email us at, or use the form inside the app and tell us why you should be included.